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Chinese Hackberry Bonsai trees

Seasonal Work on an Upright Hackberry

10 min read

At the end of each growing season deciduous trees need to be worked on. The tasks which need to be completed include removing the dying leaves, cutting back twigs where needed, wiring and general assessment of the trees development over the past season.
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cork bark chinese elm repotting

How to build a wooden box for an elm bonsai in 1min 42sec, well almost.

9 min read

In this blog post I will show you how I construct simple wooden boxes which I used to grow collected or yamadori in, as well as to initially grow field grown tree in. For an example I will work on a field grown Cork Bark Chinese Elm; showing you the steps I take on this sort of material.

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chinese hackberry or celtis sinensis gets an autumn cut

Two Chinese Hackberry Bonsai get an Autumn Cut

7 min read

Last work of the season on these two Chinese Hackberry originally field grown by Terry Erasmus from seed.

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Field grown chinese elm bonsai tree

Progression of a Field Grown English Elm over 6 years

10 min read

Bonsai progressions are always fun to look at. It shows in a few short paragraphs of text and some images, the work and changes a bonsai tree has undergone over a number of years. What makes it fun though is that our art is as much about trees as it is about patience, so seeing all these changes condensed is like pressing fast forward on the remote.

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Large scars on bonsai trees

Dealing with large scars which won't disappear

5 min read

What do you do if you have a cut which has never healed over, for some or other reason? After all the goal is for the wound to callous over completely so after a few years you cannot see a cut was ever made to begin with. How to get such scars to disappear is the subject of this post.

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