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Japanese red pine bonsai tree

Japanese Red Pine Styling

6 min read

A Japanese red pine imported in 2013, finally get some tender loving care in the form of a proper styling.
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Chinese Hackberry Bonsai trees

Seasonal Work on an Upright Hackberry

10 min read

At the end of each growing season deciduous trees need to be worked on. The tasks which need to be completed include removing the dying leaves, cutting back twigs where needed, wiring and general assessment of the trees development over the past season.
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Bonsai tree fertilizer

The Art of Fertilizing

17 min read

In this second part of the series of "The art of" I deal with the subject of fertilizing your bonsai trees. Understanding your bonsai trees nutrient requirements, knowing the seasonal demands; when to fertilize and when not to is very helpful when growing a bonsai and having it respond to techniques you apply to it the way you want it to.
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autumn bonsai tips bonsai trees

5 Things you should not do to your bonsai in Autumn

6 min read

In this first part of this two part series I wrote about 5 things you SHOULD be doing with your bonsai in Autumn. In this the second part, I write about 5 things you should NOT do.

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Bonsai activities in autumn

5 Things you should be doing with your bonsai in Autumn

6 min read

Every season, we need to be aware of what tasks are required on or around our bonsai trees. Here are 5 simple tips to ensure you get the basics covered.

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