Portulacaria afra "Spekboom"

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Spekboom or Portulacaria, has become a very popular plant due to its carbon fixing properties. It has been grown as a bonsai for many years in countries from Taiwan to the United States and is growing in popularity locally too.

The tree is very easy to care for as it is very hardy. In some parts of South Africa it can be seen growing wild where it is grazed on by wild animals and livestock such as goats. In fact what makes these specimens that originate from the Eastern Cape highly attractive and sought after, is their natural bonsai form given by local goats that have fed on them for many years. They thus have very compact growth, short and powerful trunks and very attractive fine foliage to complete the illusion of a bonsai. 

Each of these trees are unique; once sold we will not have another identical to it. 

Although you will receive a care card with each tree, you might want to read this blog post for more information about this species as bonsai and how to maintain them.

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