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Here at Bonsai Tree for our range aimed at the orchid enthusiast we currently specialize in various growing media including true, long fibred sphagnum moss (although it is not New Zealand sphagnum) and porous Hyuga pumice from Japan. 

We also offer various plastic air pots which are ideally suited to epiphytic orchids, and also Italian made clay pots. Accessories include sprayers, watering wands and even plant markers. Also on offer are selected book titles of interest to orchid enthusiasts.

What we are known for however is our extensive range of Tolumnia, which are miniature orchids. Each seedling plant is true to the parent hybrid so you will get what you order. Upon receipt of your order, we select the healthiest and biggest plants from our stock for you. Each individual plant is shipped in a 4cm air pot with wet sphagnum moss. We despatch orders immediately depending on your location. If we are concerned the plants will not be delivered before the weekend then we will delay sending your order till the Friday (Freight moves over the weekend).

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