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Sphagnum Moss, rehydrated

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This moss will not grow again. It is not live moss. 


Natural sphagnum moss is a phenomenal growing medium for bonsai artists, orchid growers, kokedama artists and even keepers of critters! It possesses excellent water retentive properties while maintaining an oxygen enriched environment in which roots flourish and will not rot. Highly effective when used in layering and as a top dressing after repotting.

Typical Uses

  • To stabilize fresh bonsai growing medium so that surface roots can develop.
  • Reduces moisture loss from bonsai and other growing media.
  • Help cuttings stay healthy with its antibacterial properties.
  • Promotes rapid fine root development when layering plants.
  • Used as linings for hanging baskets
  • Substrate for canivorous, orchids or can be mixed into general growing medium to increase water retention.
  • Sphagnum Moss is also a key component in Japanese Kokedama or Moss ball plantings.

How to use

General use or for orchids

Soak the sphagnum moss for about 24 hours. Squeeze out the excess water and then fluff the moss up in your hands by airing it. Plant your orchid, succulent or other by first placing some moss into the container, inserting your plant and then filling the gaps with moss. Don't compact the moss.

As a top dressing

As a top dressing for bonsai artists after repotting, to promote surface root formation, before wetting the moss chop it up or cut it up into finer pieces. Throw into a bucket of water and then scoop up some moss in your open hand and "slap" onto the surface around your bonsai tree. The layer does not need to be too thick, perhaps 5mm.

For layering

If you wish to layer a piece of a branch or a portion of a trunk then use sphagnum moss instead of other rooting mediums. Wet the moss with plain water, or with water into which you have added some liquid rooting hormone (such as Dip n Root). Squeeze out the excess and continue with the layering process as normal.

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Please note. It is advisable that if you have any open cuts on your hands to work with gloves when working with sphagnum moss (or any other moss for that matter).

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    Bonsai Tree Sphagnum Moss, rehydrated Review
    I recommend this product

    My orchid is in full health now

    I was so nervous about one of my orchids dying. I purchased my items from this store and got to work. My orchid is healthy now, all because of the awesome help i got from Terry. He helped me buy the perfect items to revive my orchid. Im going to walk a long and happy road with Bonsai tree shop.

    Angelique F.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai Tree

    Wow Angelique, the different between the new and old leaves is remarkable. I myself am finding all sorts of uses for the sphagnum moss we sell - it really is an amazingly versatile medium.

    Bonsai Tree Sphagnum Moss, rehydrated Review
    I recommend this product

    Great product!

    Reliable fast delivery and always good quality products.

    Wessel S.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai Tree

    Looks great Wessel! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Bonsai Tree Sphagnum Moss, rehydrated ReviewBonsai Tree Sphagnum Moss, rehydrated ReviewBonsai Tree Sphagnum Moss, rehydrated Review
    I recommend this product

    Less than expected

    It was a 2l bag pack with Sphagnum moss inside. However, I expected more to be inside. Overall the quality was perfect exactly what I needed foe my Orchids and Carnivorous plants.

    Luan T.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai Tree

    Thank you Luan for your review. It is extremely difficult to pack the moss. How we do it is the compacted block is 150L. We then rehydrate and divide the moss equally using a digital scale between 75 x 2L bags. Once packed there is no moss left over. I appreciate your comment, but I assure you we do it as accurately as humanly possible. We do hope in the near future to also introduce NZ sphagnum moss, which will be sold dried in compacted, measured blocks.

    Bonsai Tree Sphagnum Moss, rehydrated Review

    Sphag Review

    The moss is clean and easy to use. I was surprised that the 5kg was already hydrated moss and not dehydrated like my other purchases. The effective volume was therefore smaller than I would have liked. If I had known this, I would have done a larger order.

    Gerda T.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai Tree

    Thanks for the email Gerda. We find customers like the moss best when it is sold hydrated. Our largest competitor, a national retailer, also sells it hydrated. If we sold the same quantity dehydrated it would look like nothing and everyone would buy from the competition. The product description does not explicitly state it is hydrated so we will be sure to make the necessary addition, thank you for pointing that out to us.


    Sphagnum Moss

    Sphagnum Moss is superior to any other option for surface cover on Bonsai growing medium. Applied to the surface graded, the surface soon turn bright green, especially during Winter!

    Dirk G.
    South Africa