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Wire cutters are available in a scissors type and regular version. The function of this tool is basically as suggested by its name, but in the scissors type it is often a dual purpose tool which not only cuts wire in the notched part of the blade, but can also cut thinner twigs with ease.

All wire cutters designed for the bonsai enthusiast should be rounded at the nose. This is to allow the artist to cut wire which has been used to shape the tree, from the branches without damaging the bark. This rounded shapes the tool generally more robust when cutting thicker strands of wire.

Scissors type wire cutters can only cut thinner aluminium wire, probably up to 2 or 2.5mm and only around 1mm or so in annealed copper. The regular wire cutter can easily cut up to 6mm aluminium but only around 2.5mm copper. Cutting wire which is too thick for the tool will damage the tool.