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Raffia bundle, 50g

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Raffia is used in several crafts but in bonsai culture it is used predominately when performing bends in branches or trunks where there is a risk of breakage.

How to use

  • Raffia is first soaked in water to soften the natural fibres. Several strands are then tied together and tightly wound around the section of the tree which is going to be bent.
  • Thick wire is sometimes placed under the raffia in the direction of the branch or trunk, to re-inforce the bend once made.
  • After applying the raffia the branch or trunk is wired as normal.
  • A branch jack and stay might be used to then create the bend and keep the bent part in position. A length of metal rebar can also be used, anchored to a suitable pivot point.

It is important to note that if raffia is to be effective it must be applied very tightly. 


  1. Bending thick branches and/or trunks.
  2. Working with brittle trees and performing bends.
  3. Protecting trees which have thin bark or are delicate (olives, azalea, privet etc) when doing wiring.
  4. Keeping live veins from separating from deadwood when making bends.
  5. Tying several trees together in order for them to fuse.
  6. When doing root over rock plantings you can use it as a biodegradable means to fasten tree roots to the rock. 

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    Rowan D.


    I never take chances on big bends or soft skinned trees like olives. This is always endorsed by international demonstrators. When you buy from Terry you know you are getting a quality product and service.

    Ben H.
    South Africa

    Rafia - the good stuff

    Rafia and spaghnum moss is some of the stuff that can be the most usefull in your maintannace of your trees. Cant get enough of it. Good product

    Adriaan V.
    South Africa

    Love the product

    Really like it easy to use

    Ben-Herman P.

    More uses

    Every use on the discription is head on. I also started using rafia If I snap a branch at the base(happens more than I want it to) I tie the rafia around the base to get it close to cambium after I seal it with the sealer. It has the added benefit of not biting into the branch. Always in my tool box


    Very useful

    The raffia use is very easy and the results will effective. Soak for 30 minutes in water and get elastic strands to wrap on the branches of a dear bonsai tree before applying wire. Bending the branches will be a lot easy and safe, specially if you are working on Juniper or other soft wood trees. Price wise, it is very well priced. Got two clean ready to use bundles. Thank you