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The Art of Watering

The Art of Watering

19 min read

Watering is an area of our art which I think is assumed you will intuitively grasp, after all it simply involves getting water into a container with a live plant in it! In reality though it is actually a rather complex technique which just like wiring and styling needs to be practiced and mastered. I have heard it said that it can easily take a full time apprentice 3 years to grasp the essentials, so how much longer will it take you and I as amateur enthusiasts? This is why I have entitled this post the ART of watering.
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japanese red pine repotting

Repotting a Japanese Red Pine

12 min read

Unlike deciduous trees, when we repot evergreens, or in this case an old Japanese Red Pine, we need to treat the roots with a little more respect. We cannot remove as much of the rootball neither can we wash the old soil off. In this post I will show you how to safely repot a pine tree using plenty of photos and accompanying descriptions.

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repotting bonsai trees

How to repot your bonsai

7 min read

This is the last in the blog series on repotting bonsai trees. In this post we will go through the steps of repotting your tree. Using a series of images with accompanied explanations and tips mixed into the mix, you should be able to repot your tree with confidence.

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