Japanese black pine repotting akadama and pumice

Old, Imported Japanese Black Pine gets a repot

In this blog a very old and rather large Japanese black pine which I imported from Japan a couple of years ago gets repotted into a free draining mix of akadama and pumice, which I have now imported and am selling.

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wiring and styling a kotobuki japanese black pine

Styling a Dwarf: Working on a Kotobuki Black Pine

Follow the finer details of styling as Terry Erasmus needle plucks, thins and wires this Kotobuki Japanese Black Pine from Japan. Lots of photographs aid in the understanding of the process.

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Japanese black pine makeover

Japanese Black Pine Makeover

Following in the same trend as my post of last week, I will continue with the tree makeover theme. In this post you will read about the 2 1/2 years of development of a Japanese Black Pine. The importance of working on strong, healthy trees is key and ensures satisfactory response to wiring, decandling and the other techniques commonly used on pines. 

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japanese black pine styling work

Summer work on a Japanese Black Pine

If you have a Japanese black or red pine then this blog post will interest you. In this post we will look at the decandling process, briefly discuss energy balancing and more using a large imported Japanese Black Pine bonsai tree as reference.

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japanese black pine styling

Initial styling of a Japanese Black Pine

In this blog post I write about the first styling of a Japanese Black Pine imported from Japan late 2013. You will get insights into the wiring of pine branches, using raffia for doing bends, removing candles and more.

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