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cork bark chinese elm repotting

How to build a wooden box for an elm bonsai in 1min 42sec, well almost.

9 min read

In this blog post I will show you how I construct simple wooden boxes which I used to grow collected or yamadori in, as well as to initially grow field grown tree in. For an example I will work on a field grown Cork Bark Chinese Elm; showing you the steps I take on this sort of material.

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layering a bonsai hackberry celtis sinensis

Layering a Hackberry, Part 2

7 min read

Last spring I began to layer an ugly Hackberry (Celtis sinensis) which had a terrible root base but which had loads of potential as a broom styled tree. A year later and I am ready to remove the layered tree from the donor plant.

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field growing celtis sinensis hackberry

Field growing Hackberry Part 2

14 min read

In this second part of a 2 part series on field growing Celtis sinensis or Hackberry, we will revisit the same trees, 2 years later from when the first blog was written and I will describe and show the steps taken to arrive at the next stage of two of the trees' development.

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Japanese bonsai azalea

Bonsai Azalea Heaven in Saitama, Japan

7 min read

On a recent trip to Japan I visited two specialist nurseries; one that is well known and has won many awards in Japan for their shohin, and the other is a bonsai professional that specialises in Satsuki Azalea.

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