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Root work on bonsai trees

Some comments on bonsai tree root work

5 min read

With the repotting season just starting, with some early risers; an Elm and a Hackberry I thought I would share some tips and suggestions in this brief blog on the subject of repotting bonsai trees.
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Bonsai tree fertilizer

The Art of Fertilizing

17 min read

In this second part of the series of "The art of" I deal with the subject of fertilizing your bonsai trees. Understanding your bonsai trees nutrient requirements, knowing the seasonal demands; when to fertilize and when not to is very helpful when growing a bonsai and having it respond to techniques you apply to it the way you want it to.
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field growing celtis sinensis hackberry

Field growing Hackberry Part 2

14 min read

In this second part of a 2 part series on field growing Celtis sinensis or Hackberry, we will revisit the same trees, 2 years later from when the first blog was written and I will describe and show the steps taken to arrive at the next stage of two of the trees' development.

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bonsai tree shohin repotting

The Spring Countdown has begun: How to prepare

10 min read

Spring is a wonderful time in the bonsai garden. However it can also be a very stressful time as there is so much which needs doing. Careful preparation will help to alleviate much of this stress. Read this blog post which has been written to help you plan for the rush which is to come.

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repotting bonsai trees

How to repot your bonsai

7 min read

This is the last in the blog series on repotting bonsai trees. In this post we will go through the steps of repotting your tree. Using a series of images with accompanied explanations and tips mixed into the mix, you should be able to repot your tree with confidence.

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