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Acacia: African Inspirations

Acacia: African Inspirations

6 min read

Leigh Kemp has held a fascination of flat topped and umbrella shaped acacias since childhood. Now a guide, he's able to admire these iconic trees across Africa. In this article he writes about their forms, how nature has sculpted them and how they in turn have inspired famous artists such as Jacob Hendrik Pierneef.
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Acacia bonsai in Pierneef Style

My first Acacia bonsai tree

12 min read

The Acacia species must be one of the most popular for bonsai growers. In this blog post I share with you the progression of my very first Acacia bonsai in the African "Pierneef Style." I share tips and suggestions on bonsai'ing this species successfully so that you might also enjoy growing these wonderful trees.
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acacia bonsai tree gets a new styling

An Acacia Bonsai gets a radical makeover

3 min read

An Acacia bonsai brought to me by a customer gets a radical makeover.  Radical makeovers or instant bonsai can be fun and challenging. This neglected tree gets a completely new look and some new growing media to jump start it.

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