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Carving Bit Safety Information

Mounting instructions

  1. Make sure the Dremel and Nibbler threads are clean.
  2. Put a drop of oil on the Dremel thread and fit the solid collet into the Dremel. The solid collet keeps the Nibbler concentric and stable in the Dremel.
  3. Screw the Nibbler down until it touches the solid collet, it should screw easily by hand, do not force it. If it goes tight part way remove it and check for grit or damaged Dremel threads.
  4. When you have the Nibbler touching the solid collet you can tighten with your original Dremel spanner.
  5. For the Nibbler MINI fit the carving bit into the Dremel using the original nut and 1/8” collet. Do not use a 3mm collet.


You can access videos for the above instructions here:

Nibbler use

  1. Check that the screws holding the tips are firmly tight.
  2. Power tools and accessories vary in quality and some may have wobble at maximum speed. Some tool brands do not have RPM markings on their dials so for safety across all brands you should test with your tool on two-thirds speed first and slowly increase towards full speed. If you feel wobble at any time you should reduce speed until the wobble is gone and treat that as your tool’s maximum speed. These RPM instructions supersede all previous RPM instructions that may have come with your Nibbler.




You can access videos for the above instructions here:

Nibbler maintenance

  1. After use you should thoroughly clean the Nibbler with and apply a light oil to the tips and screws. If you do not then the screws might rust and become difficult to remove in the future.
  2. Change tips over a bowl to catch dropped parts.
  3. When changing tips make sure that the tips are fully seated and flat in the pocket on the Nibbler before fitting the screws.

Nibbler safety.

  1. Wear eye protection at all times.
  2. Always check the screws are tight before using.
  3. Always use both hands on the Dremel or Die Grinder and cut with the grain where possible to prevent snatching.