Indigenous Seeds for Bonsai

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As we all by now know, there is no such thing as special bonsai seeds. All seeds used to grow bonsai would develop the same way as the full sized parent plant.

There is however much truth in the fact that seed collected from specific parent plants with desirable characteristics are preferred to those which are not.

I have identified and selected from our indigenous flora, species most suited and easy to cultivate from seed. Our seed is supplied by leading seed specialists that regularly go on collecting trips and in this way ensure the seed is as fresh as possible.

Sowing Guidelines

This applies to South Africa only

The seeds marked "Sow Sp" are summer growing from the summer rainfall area and they usually require a drier resting period in winter. These species are best sown in late spring to midsummer when conditions are warmer.

The plants marked "Sow Au" are from the Mediterranean winter rainfall area of the Cape. They grow in winter & usually need drier conditions in summer. For those of you who live in the higher latitudes (above 40°) the plants marked "Sow Au" should probably be sown in early spring. However, remember that the majority of the species from our Mediterranean area need a marked temperature differentiation between day & night, (day ±25°C, night ±8°C) to trigger germination. Therefore do not try to germinate these seeds in a constant temperature hot or glass house.

For more suggestions on how to grow your seeds visit this page.

We currently stock:

  1. Acacia galipini (Monkey-thorn) Sow Sp.
  2. Diospyros whyteana (Bladder-nut) Sow Au/Sp
  3. Celtis Africana (White Stinkwood) Sow Sp.
  4. Podocarpus falcatus (Outeniqua Yellowwood) Sow Sp.
  5. Ficus Natalensis (Natal Fig) Sow Sp.
  6. Olea europaea subsp. africana (Wild Olive) Sow Sp.

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