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As we all by now know, there is no such thing as special bonsai seeds. All seeds used to grow bonsai would develop the same way as the full sized parent plant.

There is however much truth in the fact that seed collected from specific parent plants with desirable characteristics are preferred to those which are not.

I have identified and selected from our indigenous flora, species most suited and easy to cultivate from seed. Our seed is supplied by leading seed specialists that regularly go on collecting trips and in this way ensure the seed is as fresh as possible.

We currently stock:

  1. Acacia galipini (Monkey-thorn)
  2. Diospyros whyteana (Bladder-nut)
  3. Celtis Africana (White Stinkwood)
  4. Podocarpus falcatus (Outeniqua Yellowwood)
  5. Ficus Natalensis (Natal Fig)
  6. Olea europaea subsp. africana (Wild Olive)

To ensure success with these seeds please purchase our Professional Seedling Mix and sow your seeds in plastic trays; select from our numerous sizes here.

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