Chrome plated watering wand, Small

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  1. Chrome plated
  2. Very fine spray holes for the finest spray
  3. Hook to hang the wand when not in use
  4. Compact size - 330mm


Bonsai are planted in growing media which is rather easily disturbed and can readily be washed away if the watered incorrectly. These handy watering wands from Kikuwa deliver a fine spray ideal for bonsai.

To install this watering wand follow the following simple steps; boil some water and pour this into a container, place the last 3 - 4cm of your garden hose into the boiling water and allow to soak so the hose softens, force the hose onto the end of the watering wand as far as you can and allow to cool.


Don't use these watering wands under high pressure. They are best used under low pressure and always water with a fairly fast side to side action. Never direct the water at a bonsai and maintain that position as you need to allow some time for water to drain through without accumulating and washing away your growing medium.

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