General Soil Mix

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What is it?

Every few years, bonsai trees should be removed from their containers and the old growing medium replaced. As bonsai grow in very small containers with little growing medium, your choice of medium is important to ensure trees grow healthily for years.

This General Soil Mix contains Mature Milled Pine Bark for adequate water retention. Coarse Crushed Silica Stone is added for drainage and to prevent compaction which may deprive the roots of life giving oxygen. Unlike fresh pine bark which some mixes contain, our mature bark will not consume Nitrogen, depriving the bonsai tree of growth. Good drainage reduces risk of root rot and ultimate demise of a tree.

How to use?

The mix is ready to be used right out of the bag in most cases. Should you require a drier, faster draining mix then add Leca. If you require more water retention then add more Peat Moss. Both components are part of our Bonsai range. Garden soil is too fine and should never be used in growing mixes.

Bag Contents

50% Mature Milled Pine Bark

50% Crushed Silica Stone

If you are a more experienced bonsai grower I would suggest the Bonsai Professional Growing Medium

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