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Pressure Sprayer Attachment

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Ever worried just before you spray your bonsai trees with foliar feed or a pesticide whether you last used your sprayer to apply something more potent, and just how well you washed it?

Well you no longer need to worry as this very simple to use sprayer fits onto any plastic beverage bottle {not supplied}. Mix up whatever you need to spray, pour it into a bottle, screw on the sprayer, a couple pumps with the hand and you're spraying. Once you're done you can either rinse the bottle or recycle it.

Other features

  • Filter on the intake to prevent the nozzle from clogging.
  • Pressure relief valve ensures you can't damage the sprayer by over pumping it. 
  • Ribbed handle ensures a good, non-slip grip.
  • Fully adjustable spray from mist to solid.

For some great watering tips read this blog post.

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    Pressure Sprayer Attachmen

    i am very impres with the sprayer. It is small lightwight and easy to handle. It was a little exspenceve but good quility use it for my wanda orchid spraying

    Jan R.
    South Africa

    Definitely fit for purpose

    I love the fact that it is universal enough to use on any water bottles. You can adjust the strength of water dispersion depending on your needs. I actually used it as a light mist while creating an aqua scape in my aquarium. Worked a charm! It was a worthwhile purchase for me!

    Deshantha L.
    South Africa South Africa
    I recommend this product

    Pressure Sprayer Attachment

    I am enjoying it. It works very well... spray is strong and cleans dirt off the plants as well. I think it’s the pressure. I like that it can spray consistently like a irrigation sprinkler. I’m happy that I can control spraying pressure for delicate plants. I’m still scared to put anything (like oil etc) on the water in case it blocks the sprayer. I must say I’m using on other things as well...... spraying linen when ironing. Thanks for asking. It reminded me of why I like it soo much.

    Nomandlovu D.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai Tree

    Thank you Nomandlovu for your review! You can certainly use it to spray oil based pesticides which have been diluted with water, but of course not "oil." Glad you have invented a few uses for the item which I would never have thought of such as spraying linen, thats awesome :)


    Excellent product

    Excellent product!!!

    Than D.
    South Africa South Africa

    Mr. Shane Erasmus

    Hi I personally thing, if you have 10 plants then this is a good . But not for somebody that has a lost of plants it takes to long to water all the plants with this. but then again that's only my opinion. Thank you.

    Shane E.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai Tree

    Thank you Shane for your comment which I agree with 100%. This is also why we don't sell it in our watering section but rather in our sprayer section for applying foliar feeds and pesticides. However that being said, orchid growers will find it very useful for watering the epiphytic orchids.