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KIK: 1276

Kikuwa Bonsai Jin Carving and Bark Tool

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This is a specialist tool for bonsai artists, and specifically those who have junipers in their collection.

When you are working on the live veins of your junipers you need to be able to lift the old, faded bark. You need to do so carefully or you will damage the live cambium beneath. Although this will heal it does not look very nice when the cambium is nicked as it is a very light cream colour, and when you oil the live vein to bring out the red colors, these nicks become glaringly obvious.

This simple but ingenious tool enables you to get beneath the old bark, lift it and peel it away without damaging the live tissue beneath.

On the other end is a tool which is much sharper and allows you to perform delicate carving work on jin's using a pulling action; like a scraper.

The sharp cutting end may also be used to clean out rotted wood from old cuts or on collected trees, before sealing.

This jin tool is part of our Japanese made Kikuwa bonsai tool range. Other economically priced tools from this supplier such as scissors, cutter and more are available from us. Each tool is packaged in a protective plastic pouch.


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    Celia G.
    South Africa
    Jin Carving and Bark Tool

    Just love the feel of them. Not used yet. soon

    Adel D.
    South Africa South Africa
    Great service

    The item *** a gift, but I am sure that it works like a charm thank you

    Viky P.
    Fantastic carving control

    This is an indispensable tool for those who are serious about creating natural looking carving. The sharp edge allows you to slowly dig into the wood while the blunt edge allows you to discover live veins without damaging them.

    Viky P.

    The two ends, one sharp and one flat makes working deadwood with this tool delightfully easy!

    Little tool

    Had a go with this tool with a big juniper. Did the work well exposing the veins The little hook is good for small places where you normally dont get into for removel of rotten wood. Worst thing I can say it looks as if the edges of the plastic grip might tear later