Assorted Glazed Cascade Pots, 6 x 6 x 9cm

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These cascade pots are available in a wide variety of shapes including square, hexagonal and more. They are ideally suited for trees which represent trees in nature growing from a rock face, over a waterfall or on a high precipice. Rather then the tip of the tree being the highest point of the planting it is the lowest as it nears the same surface the pot is placed onto.

Available in an exciting range of colours which are easily matched up with a bonsai tree; including blues, greens and browns.

Selecting a glaze colour

When choosing a pot of a certain colour, usually one takes into consideration the feature of the tree which you wish to enhance and then select a complementary colour to that feature. A complementary colour is the colour opposite another on the colour wheel.

For example the pink flowers of a Cape May or a pink Chinese Snow Rose will be best shown off if the tree is planted in a green pot as the flowers are the most attractive feature of the tree and green is the complementary colour to pink.

Fruit is emphasized by using the complementary colour to that of the fruit. So the orange berries of a firethorn bonsai tree will be best shown off when planted in a blue container.

Always keep in mind that the most important item is the tree and the pot must be subordinate to it. To read more about choosing a pot read this helpful guide.

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