ARS High Carbon Steel Wire Cutter, 170mm

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  • Precision ground, incredibly sharp blades.
  • Spring loaded handles reduce tiring of your hands.
  • A process called "Marquench" is used to harden the 316 steel used which ensures the sharp cutting edges are held longer.
  • The hard chrome plating ensures superior rust and sap resistance.
  • Cuts up to 1.5 mm copper wire and 3-4mm aluminium wire.
  • A clasp ensures you do not accidentally cut yourself or blunten the blades when the tool is not in use.


This high quality tool is designed and manufactured in Japan. The gently curved plastic handles feel very comfortable in the hand and being spring loaded the cutting action is assisted so your hands don't tire as is the case with other wire cutters.


  • Cutting thin to medium thickness aluminium, copper or galvanized wire.
  • Removing wire from trees is made safer by the very rounded cutting edge.

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