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Miniature Bonsai Folding Saw, 90mm blade

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  • Superfine teeth for small precise cuts.
  • High carbon tool steel blade
  • Chemical nickel plated for rust and sap resistance
  • Folding blade with thumb trigger lock


This convenient folding saw features superfine teeth that make precise cuts without ripping or tearing the wood which in bonsai cultivation is extremely important as it promotes faster and neater healing of scars. The high carbon tool steel blade is chemical nickel plated for rust and sap resistance and easy-to-clean blades. The red plastic handle includes a thumb trigger lock to lock the blade open for secure cuts.


  • Cutting small branches before final shaping of the cut with a branch or knob cutter.
  • Truncheon cuttings (hard or softwood material too thick to cut with a scissors)
  • Root pruning thicker roots leaving a clean cut to promote healing and reduce risk of wood rotting.