ARS Folding Saw, 180mm

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This "Turbocut" saw from Japanese tool producer, ARS is the best. When in use the total length of this saw is a whopping 410mm which translates to longer strokes. 

The blade is curved to keep it right against the cutting surface reducing a waste of energy, made from high carbon tapered steel and the ultra sharp teeth have a Tri-edge tooth design which rapidly removes material. The ARS-GR-18L is very comfortable as it has a slightly larger handle than other pull saws in the range, so your hand is less likely to slip and is also lightweight reducing fatigue after extended use. The trademark red handles also reduces the chances of you losing the saw.

The blade locking system is very safe, locking the blade in the open position preventing it from closing accidentally while in use.

Maintenance is reduced due to the hard chrome plated blade which resists rust and sap build up. However crean mate can be used to quickly and easily remove these deposits should they accumulate.

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