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Fabric Tool Roll, Heavy Duty, 65 x 30cm

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After investing in some good quality tools, looking after them will further ensure that you will have many years of good use out of them. A tool roll is the ideal way to preserve your tools and also to transport your bonsai tools to and from workshops, club meetings, demonstrations and more.

These tool rolls have been made with very tough and hardwearing, washable cotton fabric. The flaps prevent the tools from falling out of the roll and also protect the tips of tools such as bonsai trimming scissors and jin chisels.

Many people use tool boxes or tool caddies. The problem with these is that it is very easy for tools to get damaged from rubbing up to one another, and your hand can pick up serious injury as you go fishing through the tools trying to find the one you need.

The tool roll is rolled up from the left and the ropes provided are then loosely tucked in to prevent the roll from opening up once again, until the tools are needed.

No tools are included

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