Hounen Repotting Sickle flat blade, 120mm

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  • Economically priced
  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Ideal for pulling action
  • Saw teeth cut through roots making it easy to remove from the pot
  • Made in Japan


Extremely lightweight and affordable, these economically priced repotting sickles are indispensable at repotting time when you have a tree growing in a pot with an indented lip, and roots have matured below it preventing the tree from being lifted out of the container or simply when a tree has been in a container for a few years and has become pot bound. Used to make a thin gap between the side wall of the pot and the root ball of the tree, the tree can then easily be lifted from the pot and repotting can proceed.


  • This tool is indispensable when repotting.
  • Quickly and easily enables you to remove container bound trees from their pots.
  • Useful to remove the mat of roots from the bottom of the root ball.

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