Jin Knife 3Pc Set

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  • A definite must for natural looking jins and shari's.
  • Anodized metal handles for corrosion protection.
  • Protective plastic sleeve packaging.


This is a high quality tool set consisting of three scraping tools in the most popular shapes, produced in Japan for Kikuwa.  The all metal tools will enable you to rapidly remove wood and bark.


  • For the rapid removal of bark and wood by scraping or peeling.
  • Unlike Western style carving chisels these scrapers are used in a pull fashion which means you will place less stress on the roots of the tree {as no hammering is required}.
  • The carving action is more controlled and safer than Western style chisels.


Each tool is 210mm in length.

These are not carving tools. If you want to remove large amounts of material please see our carving chisels or our Dremel accessories.

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