Carnivorous plant growing medium

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Carnivorous plants grow naturally in nutrient deficient soils. It is therefore very important that the soil you grow your plants in mimic similar conditions. We offer an all purpose carnivorous plant mix which consists of a blend between imported peat that has been extensively tested for growing a wide range of carnivorous plants in, and perlite.

Our blend

  • 60% sphagnum peat moss imported from Denmark with a 3.6 - 4.4 pH value and an ash content of only 2%.
  • 40% imported, high quality - large particle sterile and inert perlite with the RHP quality mark. It is pH neutral and has an EC < 0.2

Use with

Suitable as a general growing medium for all the carnivorous plants we sell including drosera, nepenthes, dionaea, sarracenia, cephalotus and more.

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