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Nitrosol, 500ml

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Nitrosol® Natural Organic liquid foliar feed formulation for use on ornamental's, roses, vegetables, shrubs, fruit bearing trees, bonsai, trees, seedlings, orchids, palms and ground covers. It is not harmful to bees, birds or animals when used as directed.


  • Very ‘economical’ to use.
  • Accelerates humus formation by breaking down organic matter.
  • Will assist with stress recovery following transplanting or when adverse climatic conditions occur.
  • Will not burn or damage tender plants and is safe to use on all plants.
  • No withholding period.
  • Gibberellic acid improves flower headcount, fruit set and quantity.

Directions for use

Shake container well before diluting the contents. Highly concentrated, 5ml makes 1.5 litres of sustained plant food. Dilute 1 cap in 3l water.

For potted plants mix concentrated Nitrosol® Natural Organic Plant Food with water and water all plants as normal. Repeat at fortnightly intervals. More frequent use is sometimes desirable and will not harm the plants if mixed according to directions.

Best results are obtained when plants as well as the soil are watered thoroughly with solution.

Active Ingredients

Micro Elements:

  • 7 g/kg Mg, 6 g/kg Ca, 4 g/kg S, 60 mg/kg Fe, 1 mg/kg Cu,1 mg/kg Zn, 40 mg/kg Mn, 023 mg/kg B, 15 mg/kg Mo, Gibberelic Acid 0.003g/kg.

Macro Elements:

  • 80 g/kg N, 20 g/kg P, 58 g/kg K. NPK Analysis 4:1:3 (16)

Product Registration

Act No. 36 of 1947: Reg. No.  K2673 & L3925