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Soil nutrition to maximise plant health and growth


This wonderful product from Biogrow is a balanced plant and soil food that contains a wide range of micro, macro along with trace minerals. Seabrix also contains natural stimulating hormones, enzymes and amino acids. The product is a unique combination of kelp, fish hydrolosate, amino acids and triacontonol which is combined with to maximise plant health and growth. You can combine Seabrix with other commonly used fertilisers if you wish.


5ml/L for foliar feeding and/or 10ml/L as a soil drench.

You can use Seabrix as a foliar feed or as a soil drench. When sowing seeds you can use a 0,5% dilution and when transplanting a 1% dilution. Use weekly when foliar feeding and ensure you thoroughly wet the plant both above and below leaves using a fine mist with a sprayer like this.

If drenching the soil, apply monthly around the rootzone. You can also apply Seabrix through your irrigation system.

Combine liquid fertilizers with solid to ensure consistent supply of nutrients to your plants. Suitable products include BonsaiBoost, BioOcean and others.

Shake well before use and do not use when day temperatures exceed 30deg Celsius.