Bonsai Novice Tool Set

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Are you just starting out in the exciting art of bonsai or perhaps you are buying a gift for someone who is very keen and just beginning?

Our novice tool set is just what you or the lucky beneficiary needs to get started.

Want to grow your own bonsai? Then take a look at our popular, indigenous Acacia Bonsai Growing Kit.

What's included?

Included in this Novice tool set is the following:

  1. 175mm economy Branch cutter, made in China
  2. 190mm General purpose bonsai scissors, made in China
  3. Combination rake and tweezers, made in China.

The tools included in this set are entry level quality and priced accordingly. For more serious artists or for someone who expects more from their tools then please consider our Master Tool Set.

If you intend this collection as a gift please note that it is not sent gift wrapped and we are unfortunately not able to offer this service either.

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