Plastic High Drainage Pot, Square, 13 x 13 x 20cm

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These plastic, square pots are imported from Europe and are made to exacting standards. Made of a sturdy construction they can be used for any growing application where a high degree of drainage is required. The tall legs raise the container base from the ground, rendering the need for a tray unnecessary.


  • Bonsai: Collected trees can be planted into these containers together with pumice to encourage rapid formation of new roots.
  • Carnivorous plants: These tall, wide containers are ideal for many species of carnivorous plants including sarracenia, nepenthes, dionaea and drosera. Water can readily be soaked up from the bottom and the legs will improve water movement in whatever storage vessel you are using. The plastic construction eliminates concerns over the accumulation of salts in container walls.
  • Succulents: Together with a well draining growing medium such as akadama, pumice and lava, these containers will ensure you avoid concerns of root rot.
  • General: Any plant will benefit from being grown in these containers as they provide a high degree of aeration which makes for very healthy roots and thus healthy foliage development.



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