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When you place fertilizer, whether it be organic or chemical granules, directly onto the surface around your bonsai tree you will stunt the growth of moss or even kill it. 

These plastic fertilizer covers are designed to hold whatever fertilizer you wish to provide to your bonsai trees, elevating the fertilizer from the surface of your soil. This reduces the negative effect the fertilizer has on the moss.

The lid enables you to pour your fertilizer into the receptacle and close it, preventing it from being eaten by birds, rats or other animals.

The fertilizer holders are riddled with holes on the top, sides and bottom; through which water can flow and carry trace amounts of your fertilizer with to the bonsai tree's roots. Although these holes will allow water through it will prevent granules of fertilizer from being washed away. However fine, powder type of water soluble fertilizers will be washed away and are not actually designed to be applied in this manner.

The brown fertilizer covers are manufactured from a plastic which will withstand the strong sun and its UV rays, here in South Africa. The colour makes it blend aesthetically as well.

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75mm in height, including the spike.





You can also use these containers to hold the contents of our top selling product, BonsaiBoost, if you don't like the look of the "tea bags."

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