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Kaneshin Large Wire Cutter, 200mm

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Some people mistakenly think that wire cutters designed for bonsai use is unnecessary, a waste of money even, and instead use a normal electrical side cutter.

The key differences however, and why these purpose designed tools cannot be substituted is that they allow for safe cutting of wire from wired trees. The very rounded nose of these cutters ensure that you cannot damage the bark of the branch or trunk from which you are cutting wire. Electrical cutters have sharp tips and can have a similar action as scissors and will very easily damage the cambium and may even cut branches unintentionally.

It is also far more comfortable to use these wire cutters when wiring a tree and having to cut pieces of wire frequently. This is thanks to the pivot point of the blade being so close to the cutting edge; so with relative ease thick aluminium and even copper wire can be cut. Standard electrical wire cutters on the other hand require far more effort to cut wire especially when removing wire from a bonsai tree. 

As with all our Kaneshin tools, these large wire cutters are handmade by highly skilled Japanese craftsmen. Each tool is boxed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

These high quality wire cutters may be used to cut up to 6mm aluminium wire and 5mm copper wire. Purchase wire here
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    Bonsai Tree Kaneshin Large Wire Cutter, 200mm Review

    200mm Wirecutter

    What an awesome product! Before buying this wirecutter , I used all types of pliers to cut wire for wiring and to cut wire off trees. The best decision by far was to buy the 200mm Wirecutter.

    WAYNE L.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai Tree

    Thanks so much Wayne! I used one of these, and have done so for many years. They are really awesome and come in very handy as you say for cutting wire from trees without risking cutting the tree too much. Enjoy your bonsai!


    Kaneshin Wire Cutter Review

    Purchased the Kaneshin Wire Cutter 200mm from Terry at Bonsai Tree, as usually, it is an amazing service. An outstanding must-have tool. Very easy to cut through 5/ 6mm wire. Please keep up the good work, Terry, and I love watching your YouTube videos.

    Ranu M.
    South Africa

    Bonsai Tree Tools

    As usual great service and the quality of this range of tools is outstanding!! Absolutely love using them on my babies. Thanks Terry and your Team Cheers Cris

    Cris I.
    South Africa South Africa

    Fantastic tool

    I purchased this wire cutters and what a great surprise when I received it. It is made from top quality material and the workmanship put into the making of it is top class. It fits snuggly in your hand and is ultra sharp. There is no danger of damaging your Bonsai when removing wires from the tree. A real must to be added to your bonsai tool collection.

    Johannes K.

    Great to have it

    I purchased this 200mm Japanese Kaneshin wire cutter and I think it's a must have. It is very well designed with its curved handle that is a bit shorter than the other for a more snug rest in the hand. The sharpness of the jaw insures a perfect clean and easy cut of the wire without risking to bend n' scar the branch. It's size makes it perfect for different sizes of wire. I would highly recommend it. Thank you