1-for-all Multipurpose Fertilizer

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1-for-all Multipurpose fertilizer can be used on any potted plants, not only bonsai. It is a new carbon enriched fertilizer tablet which provides the following benefits:

  1. Well balanced for all garden plants
  2. Highly soluble plant nutrients
  3. Concentrated, odourless fertilizer
  4. Negligible chlorine levels renders it microorganism and plant-friendly
  5. Contains 6 macro and 6 micronutrients for complete and balanced plant nutrition
  6. Contains valuable carbon that reduces leaching of nutrients, buffers harmful elements and nourishes microorganisms to promote healthy and sustainable soil conditions.

Each pack contains 4 funnels. Each funnel contains a single 25g tablet (sealed in plastic for shelf life)

How to use

  1. Use one or more fertilizer funnels according to the pot size. (no more than one funnel per 25cm diameter pot)
  2. Insert the funnel near the edge of the pot and use only on established plants (do not use on recently repotted trees as the high nitrogen may burn the very tender roots)
  3. Apply water over the funnel when watering the bonsai or potted plant.
  4. Load a new tablet when the old one has dissolved. You can order new tablets in packs of six here.

Active Ingredient

Micro Elements:

  • Fe, Cu,Zn, Mn, B, Mo

Macro Elements {13:3:8 (24) WS*, NCL**}

  • 134,4g/kg N, 31,5g/kg P, 81,8g/kg K, 24,7g/kg Ca, 11,0g/kg Mg, 107,8g/kg S

*WS = Water soluble. *NCL = Negligible Chlorine Levels (0,00001%)

Registration Holder

Green Gain Products (Pty) Ltd. Reg. No. 2002/010815/07

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