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1-for-all Multipurpose Fertilizer, refills

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Contains 6 x 25g tablets.


1-for-all Fertilizer tablets are well balanced, highly soluble and odourless - containing 6 macro/6 micronutrients and valuable carbon. 

How to use

Use one or more funnels per 25cm diameter pot near the edge of the pot. Water over the funnel when watering. Replace tablet when dissolved.

Active Ingredient

Micro Elements:

  • Fe, Cu,Zn, Mn, B, Mo

Macro Elements {13:3:8 (24) WS*, NCL**}

  • 134,4g/kg N, 31,5g/kg P, 81,8g/kg K, 24,7g/kg Ca, 11,0g/kg Mg, 107,8g/kg S