1-for-all Multipurpose Fertilizer Refills

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Please note these are refills only. Not recommended for ramified trees due to high nitrogen levels or for newly re-potted bonsai due to the concentration.


1-for-all Multipurpose fertilizer can be used on any potted plants, not only bonsai. They are ideal for developing trees or for established, collected (yamadori) trees where a lot of growth is being encouraged eg sacrifice branches.

These carbon enriched fertilizer tablets will provide the following:

  1. Well balanced nutrients for all potted plants including bonsai trees.
  2. Highly soluble plant nutrients when used with water.
  3. Concentrated form of fertilizer which is also odorless.
  4. Chlorine levels are negligible so it will not negatively affect microorganisms and it is completely plant-friendly.
  5. 6 macro and 6 micro nutrients are container in these fertilizer tablets and will provide complete and balanced plant nutrition to your trees.
  6. Carbon is important as it buffers otherwise harmful elements, leaching of nutrients is reduced and microorganisms are nourished, thereby promoting healthy conditions in the soil.

Whats inside

  • Each pack contains six 25g tablets (sealed in plastic for shelf life)

How to use

  1. You will require, empty 1-for-all fertilizer funnels or you can use them with our imported Japanese baskets which are 100% compatible.
  2. Don't use more than one basket or funnel per 25 cm diameter pot.
  3. Insert the spike of the fertilizer funnel or basket carefully into the growing medium, preferably at the edge of the container.
  4. Water your plant or bonsai tree as normal and make sure water liberally moves over and through the funnel so it can begin dissolving the tablet.
  5. When the tablet has completely dissolved then replace it as needed.

Active Ingredient

Micro Elements:

  • Fe
  • Cu
  • Zn
  • Mn
  • B
  • Mo

Macro Elements (13:3:8 (24) WS*, NCL**:

  • 134,4g/kg N
  • 31,5g/kg P
  • 81,8g/kg K
  • 24,7g/kg Ca
  • 11,0g/kg Mg
  • 107,8g/kg S

*WS = Water soluble

*NCL = Negligible Chlorine Levels (0,00001%)

Registration Holder

Green Gain Products (Pty) Ltd.

Reg. No. 2002/010815/07

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