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Baobab Bonsai

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Variants are described in cm: HEIGHT x WIDTH x DEPTH x TRUNK DIAMETER AT SOIL

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The Baobab tree is a quintessential African bonsai species. It is instantly recognizable around the world and South African bonsai celebrity, Charles Ceronio, dedicated an entire section of his internationally popular book "Bonsai Styles of the World" to them.


These baobab trees have been lovingly and very patiently grown from seed for 24 years by local tree master, Dean Kingham of Habitat Trees.

Baobabs are deciduous in their growing nature and thus lose their leaves in winter. During this time watering is withheld and they are often removed from all their growing media (bare-rooted) until spring when new growth begins to emerge. At that point they are planted again and care resumes as normal.

Tree shipping and preparation

Kindly note therefore that these baobab are:

  1. Shipped bare rooted. (Meaning no media) This is entirely safe. We recommend equal parts:
  1. No container is included. This reduces shipping cost and risk substantially. It also means you get to purchase a container of your preference from a bonsai nursery or garden center near you.