Fogger Assembly

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These fogger assemblies from Rivulis Irrigation are an excellent fogging/misting solution for your greenhouse or shade structure, that really do not drip.

If you are looking for a way to:

  • cool your growing space
  • increase humidity
  • wet your plants between deep watering

....then these fogging assemblies are a great fit for you.

These assemblies work great with orchids, tropical pitcher plants and essentially any plant which enjoys the kind of environment they help to create through their very fine mist generated from clean water at typical municipal pressures (3,5 - 5,0 bar).

Each assembly, sold as depicted in the images consists of the following:

  • 4-Way fogger, output of 10L/hr, covering maximum area up to 1m2.
  • Weight to keep your fogger correctly suspended.
  • Anti-leak valve to avoid constant dripping.
  • 600mm microtubing
  • Male barb to complete installation. (Standard irrigation polycarbonate pipe included)

What you will need

  • 25mm polycarbonate hose of at least class 6, along with the elbows and other fittings and attachments you need to complete the installation.
  • A punch to make the holes to insert the male barb of the assembly (Order this below)
  • A clean water source. If using borehole or if you suspect your water might contain sediment, to prevent clogging of the foggers we suggest an inline 20 micron sediment filter.

Further tips

  1. Purchase 1 fogger assembly for roughly every 1m2 of area.
  2. Position the fogger so that it hangs above the plants you wish to mist, cut the supplied microtubing as necessary.
  3. If used to reduce temperatures place the foggers in such a way that they will be exposed to draughts to enhance the cooling effect.
  4. Use an automatic timer or solenoid to automate frequent ON/OFF cycles to keep temperatures down and humidity levels up.