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Geissorhiza radiens, 5 bulbs. Indigenous and Rare.

You are buying bulbs NOT seeds or growing plants.

Indulge your senses with the captivating allure of Geissorhiza radiens, a botanical masterpiece that effortlessly commands attention. Renowned for its dazzling display, this captivating species thrives under the brilliance of full sun, emerging from the moist embrace of sandy winter grounds with an explosion of vivid colors during August and September. These botanical gems boast four-year-old bulbs, ensuring a maturity that guarantees a spectacle of deep purple flowers adorned with a striking red center, delicately framed by a pristine white ring.

Standing at a graceful height of 80 to 160 mm, each plant generously graces the world with one to six resplendent flowers throughout the season. A resilient geophyte, it gracefully retreats to a petite bulb during the summer, enduring dry conditions with poise. Cultivating this botanical marvel is a breeze, with optimal results achieved in small pots. Immerse yourself in the simplicity of their care, providing constant moisture during winter and safeguarding them from the mower's blades when naturalized in a lawn.

Sow them in autumn, cradling their potential in a mixture of river sand and fine compost. Witness the magic of germination, and nurture their growth with bi-weekly doses of liquid fertilizer, ensuring robust bulbs for a splendid second spring. Elevate your surroundings with the ethereal beauty of Geissorhiza radiens – a botanical symphony waiting to enchant your senses. Embrace this horticultural treasure and embark on a journey of perennial allure.