Imported German Peat

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What is it?

Peat Moss is considered by some as the best organic growing medium for containerized plants known to mankind. Peat Moss is sterile, which is great when used in seedling mixes. However microbial life does thrive in it and it has the capacity to adsorb nutrients for future release. Despite its very light and open structure, it is water retentive but does not impede drainage in the root zone.

How to use?

Peat Moss may be used for indoor, balcony and container plants such as bonsai trees. Patented wetting agents within the Peat Moss, ensures quick absorption and distribution of irrigation water throughout the container.

If using Peat Moss as an ingredient of a bonsai growing medium, ensure it is combined in a ratio of around 30/70 of Peat Moss to Lecafor most trees. For species which prefer wetter roots or mature, highly developed bonsai where less vigorous growth is wanted, use higher ratio’s of Peat Moss for added moisture.

Bag Contents

60% Black Peat Moss

40% Coarse White Spaghnum Peat Moss

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