Japanese Cut Paste, 190g

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  1. Easy to use tub with screw off lid..
  2. Just mix a little with water and use.
  3. Added hormone for slow to heal species such as conifers.
  4. Will seal many hundreds of cuts.
  5. High quality sealer made in Japan.


Live plant tissue is exposed and vulnerable to infection when cut. A good sealer must be applied to the wound to prevent such infection as well as cracking due to drying out. Preventing the cut from drying out will ensure that the live cambium/tissue of the tree will be able to heal the scar quickly and as smoothly as possible. 

In this range of pastes there are 3 options:

  1. All purpose or deciduous type, with no hormone as it is not necessary. (White lid)
  2. Cut paste for evergreens (junipers, pines etc), with hormone to promote faster healing. (Green lid)


  1. Sealing of large cuts when removing branches or shortening them.
  2. Good for grafting and general sealing of cuts

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