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Kaneshin Beginner Tool Set

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If you are buying a gift for someone who is passionate about bonsai or wants to take up this exciting art form yourself then this is the set for you

The Kaneshin Beginner Tool Set includes top-quality, essential tools from Japan that the serious bonsai artist just starting out needs.

What's included?

Included in the Beginner Set is the following:

  1. Japanese handmade, 180mm steel trimming scissors from Kaneshin.
  2. Japanese-made, stainless steel 160mm wire cutter from Silky.
  3. Japanese-made combination angled tweezer and trowel from Kaneshin.
  4. Crean mate, cleaning block.
  5. Japanese-made Brown zippered protective tool case with purple inner.

Want the tool case only? No problem, order it here.

If you intend this collection as a gift, please note that it is not sent gift-wrapped, and we are unfortunately not able to offer this service either.