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Kaneshin Branch Cutters, 205mm

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These branch cutters have a straight edge. In cheaper branch cutters the blades meet edge to edge. This often results in damaging the tools and blunting the cutting edge quite quickly, which leads to poor or unclean cuts on your trees. Such cuts take longer to heal and healing is not as smooth. However with the Kaneshin cutters the right blade overlaps the top of the left blade. In this way sharpness can be maintained for much longer and the cutter is in general more durable due to the use of better quality materials.

Branch cutters, as the name suggests are primarily used to remove unwanted branches from bonsai trees or to shorten sacrifice branches to the desired length.

These high quality branch cutters are made in Japan by craftsmen who have trained for a minimum of 10 years to achieve the skills required to product tools of such high precision. As with all our Kaneshin tools, these branch cutters are handmade and each tool is boxed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

We currently offer 3 different branch cutters; the standard shaped and a narrow branch cutter. The narrow cutter is suitable either for smaller trees and to access tight spaces, and also for removing stubs of branches from within a branch fork.




Black Steel



If you prefer a concave cut then you should consider the Kaneshin concave branch cutters or the knuckle cutters.

Tip: To cut safely and without potentially damaging the tool, the branch thickness to be cut cannot be more than 1/2 to 1/3rd the length of the blade.
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    Next Generation Bonsai Enthusiast

    I love my new Kaneshin Branch Cutters. I've used mine for 22 years and was thrilled to pass it onto my nephew who is passionate about Bonsai and treat myself to a new pair. I've taken good care of all my Kaneshin tools, they work brilliantly and look really good considering the amount of use and age - fabulous product.

    denise C.
    South Africa South Africa

    Bonsai cutters

    Hi, I am using the branch cutter to trim my horses bars on the hoof. My mother appreciated all the seers that came along she has a green house so when she grows them, i am sure she will give a review if she uses them on the trees. Thank you

    Janicke d.
    South Africa South Africa


    The branch cutter, even before I used it, is a thing of beauty and craftsmanship. Practically though, it cuts easily and precisely, what a pleasure to use!

    Tinka S.
    South Africa

    Kaneshin Branch Cutter

    This is by far the best investment I have made by choosing this brand in bonsai tools. Superior quality tools will only make your bonsai training a pleasure. Cuts easy, maintains sharpness and very comfortable and ergonomic to use. And off course, super, safe and quality service from bonsaitree ensures a pleasurable and worry free buying experience.

    Hassim G.
    South Africa

    Kaneshin Branch Cutter 205mm

    Must have item for Bonsai lover

    Jan L.
    South Africa