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These very versatile and most popular, jin pliers as designed and made by Kaneshin in Japan have multiple uses and although some bonsai practitioners are tempted to substitute them with normal hardware store pliers, their functions could not be more different. They are also recommended for use on small to large trees.

The primary use of these jin pliers is to strip fibres of wood when creating a jin on a tree.

  1. The most immediate and visual difference is the slender handles. This makes the purpose designed pliers easier and more comfortable to work with at many different angles.
  2. The pivot point location behind the jaws enables the practitioner to exert a large amount of mechanical force when required to grip and object tightly.
  3. The angle of the head on the Jin Pliers makes removing or stripping wood off of jins very easy.
  4. The sharper face of the pliers combined with the enhanced mechanical holding action makes them ideal to grasp, pull and strip off pieces of deadwood such as on junipers and other species.
  5. On the jaws you will also find fine teeth cut into the metal. These provide extra grip on items clasped between them and when doing deadwood sculpting.

As with all our Kaneshin tools, these pliers are handmade by highly skilled Japanese craftsmen. Each tool is boxed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Take a look at this video clip showing how this tool is made.

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