Kikuwa Branch Bender, 430mm

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The branch bender is another specialist tool in our range of purpose built tools from Kikuwa in Japan.

The branch bender is used when you have wired a thick branch with heavy copper or aluminium wire and now wish to put some compact bends in it. Sometimes to do so using the hand is impossible but the Kikuwa branch bender provides the leverage required to effortlessly make these bends.

The Kikuwa branch bender is made from stainless steel material so it will not rust. The gripping pieces are covered with padding to ensure no harm will come to the branch being bent and that the tool will not slip when you are using it.

The neck of the tool is also adjustable to suit the size of the bend you wish to make. Reduce the size and create compact bends, open the jaws up and make more gentle and open bends.

This quality branch bender made in Japan will serve you well and will enable you to create more interesting bends in your trees whether it be on the branch or in the trunk.



Min/Max trunk or branch thickness

5 - 40mm




Stainless steel

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