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Lachenalia contaminata, 5 bulbs. Rare and Indigenous.

You are buying bulbs NOT seeds or growing plants.

Discover the allure of Lachenalia contaminata, the Wild Hyacinth or African Hyacinth, native to South Africa's Western Cape. This bulbous perennial, standing at a charming 25 cm, features grass-like leaves and fleshy stems bearing bell-shaped white flowers with captivating red-brown markings in spring. As Lachenalias mature, they form delightful clumps, promising an increasingly stunning display over the years.

Whether in containers, garden clumps, or as a low border display, Lachenalias add an elegant touch to any setting. Regular watering is essential after foliage emerges, and they thrive in full sun to part shade, flourishing in warmer climates—however, protect them from frost to maintain their beauty.

Lachenalia contaminata, a dwarf species, blooms like bells and is best planted en masse for a striking effect. With a preference for water and sunlight, it flowers in August and September, bringing late-season beauty to your space. Known as the Cape cow slip, this unique variety stands out from hybrids. Embrace the enduring beauty of Lachenalia contaminata, creating a distinctive charm in your garden with its captivating presence.