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Margaret Roberts Organic Insecticide, 200ml

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Broad-spectrum insecticide based on Garlic Extract and Canola oil. Low impact on beneficial insects and natural predators. Harmless to fish, birds, wild life, pets, micro-organisms and humans. For use on flowers, herbs and vegetables.

  • Controls aphids, red spider mite, whitefly (small bodied insects).
  • Canola oil kills small bodied insects on contact.
  • Garlic prevents insects from landing on plants.
  • No poisonous residues.
  • Harvest of edible crops 24 hours after last application.
  • Use on herbs, fruit trees, vegetables, roses and ornamentals.


For use on small bodied insects or preventative spray programs.

  1. Whitefly
  2. Red spider mite
  3. Aphids


  • Garlic extract from Allium sativa @ 478.0 g/l
  • Canola oil @ 478.0 g/l

Reg No L2602. Act 36 of 1947