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Mopane root, Medium, 300 - 400g.

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Mopane root is widely obtained throughout the savanna woodlands of south-central Africa, noted for its quality as a great fuelwood source. Despite frequent harvesting, deforestation is not a threat to these trees.


Mopane roots are popular for the following applications:

  • Orchids: Epiphytic orchids can be supported and nourished effectively when planted on pieces of mopane root, ranging in size from small for Tolumnia to medium and large for Dendrobiums.
  • Fish tanks: Its remarkable density and significant weight enable the mopane root to sink quickly and last for an extended time; additionally, its crevices are ideal for affixing a variety of plants and mosses. (Recommended sizes: depending on desired layout; use multiple pieces to express creativity.)
  • Terrariums and Vivariums: Mopane root is an excellent choice for creating hardscapes in terrariums and vivariums, as it is compatible with reptiles, amphibians, and terrestrial invertebrates, and can be used with diverse plants and mosses in a variety of formations. (Recommended sizes: dependent on the design; larger installations benefit from the amalgamation of multiple parts.)