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Moraea villosa, 5 bulbs. Rare and Indigenous.

You are buying bulbs NOT seeds or growing plants.

Introducing Moraea villosa, a resilient perennial cormous geophyte standing up to 40 cm tall, graced with elegant flowers from August to October. Its soft, hairy stems support a single, elongated leaf, often surpassing the stem's length. Revel in the beauty of large, fragrant flowers in varying shades of purple, lilac, or pink. Subsp. villosa boasts three striking outer petals, creating a captivating display.

Cultivating Moraea villosa is easy. Simply plant the corms 2-4 cm deep in well-drained soil, preferably in late March to April. Drench the soil after planting and allow it to remain dry until the appearance of leaf shoots. Place the plants in a sunny location, ensuring they stay dry during the summer months. Water twice a week during the growing season, particularly in the early morning on warmer days. Moraea villosa, a botanical marvel that thrives with ease and enchants with its vibrant blooms.