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Venus Fly Trap, 'G14 - Dirk Ventham Giant.' Special Import.

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Behold this majestic giant Dionaea, standing tall and erect, a verdant marvel with captivating dark red interiors within its colossal traps.

This impressive carnivorous plant boasts oversized traps adorned with strikingly red teeth, making it a remarkable addition to any collection. The teeth are finely tapered, elongated, and resplendent in a rich red hue, their tips delicately fading towards a pale white.

With a prostrate and giant clone shape, its bright green leaves provide a lush backdrop to the intense red traps, creating a visually stunning contrast. Bring home this extraordinary Dionaea, a true testament to nature's artistry and a captivating spectacle in any carnivorous plant enthusiast's garden.

Price is for a single, potted plant in plastic container. Plant images are depictions only, representative of the species and not necessarily the plant you will receive.