Kaneshin Bonsai Combination Tweezer and Trowel

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Tweezers are one of the most frequently used of bonsai tools as they can be used for so many different tasks including weeding, removing dead vegetation, removing buds and more. This is an all purpose tweezers but if you require something for removing pine needles then you should consider the tweezer designed specifically for the purpose.

When combined with a trowel as is the case with this tool the uses increase. The trowel is handy to gently lift pieces of moss from a growing surface so that it may be used as decoration around your bonsai tree. It is also used in the application of the moss to carefully press the pieces of moss onto the new surface. The trowel is especially useful in shohin trees when repotting as it can be used to apply pressure to the new growing medium in tight places.

This pair of high quality tweezers is handmade in Japan from iron. As with all our Kaneshin tools, tweezers are handmade by highly skilled Japanese craftsmen. Each tool is boxed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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