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Bonsai Beginners E-Book

12 reviews

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This bonsai e-manual is for anyone starting out with bonsai and does not want a picture book, just the facts...with some pretty pictures and sketches. This e-manual is in excess of 70 pg's including many drawings illustrating techniques, photos of step by step processes to aid you and even weblinks to relevant websites where you can buy bonsai tree seeds, bonsai tools and more.

Who should buy this e-manual?

  • If you are interested in growing seeds for bonsai then this book illustrates and describes the methods of doing so.
  • Or if you would like to layer a branch and use it as a bonsai there is some guidance in the handbook for you.
  • If you are unsure of how to repot a bonsai then you will get some valuable pointers with the aid of step by step photographs of how to do it.
  • Are you interested in making your own bonsai soil, use our suggestion recipe and tips.
  • Not sure what to feed your bonsai; we have included a popular organic and chemical list of products for you, what they contain and how much you need to use.
  • A list of popular pesticides are included in a table where you can also see what pests and diseases they are meant for.
  • Wondering if a certain plant which you saw at the nursery will be suited to bonsai culture? See the extensive species list and some interesting information about how to style, repot and grow each species.
  • And much more......

This e-manual might be aimed primarily at beginners to bonsai trees but anyone who is interested in bonsai will enjoy reading through it.

What are the major topics covered?

  1. What is bonsai?
  2. Growing bonsai, the rewards
  3. Basic Styles
  4. How to view a bonsai
  5. Suitable plants for bonsai
  6. Growing Bonsai
  7. Caring for your bonsai
  8. Repotting
  9. Soil
  10. How to water
  11. Fertilizing
  12. Plant nutrients explained
  13. Pests
  14. How to train your bonsai
  15. Pruning
  16. Wiring
  17. How to shape bonsai

We cover these topics over 75 pages.

How to order your e-Manual

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On receipt of payment, a link where you can download the manual will be emailed to you. The file is in the universal PDF format so you can read it on almost any device.

Customer Reviews
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    Tina d.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai starter kid

    As a person who love to see how a plant grows from a seed, I was very amazed when I saw my plant grow every day. I could actually see it grow between morning and afternoon. After 8 days I had small acacia trees!!! This was amazing. Thanks for the wonderful starter kid. Greetings Tina

    Tina du Plessis verified customer review of Bonsai Beginners E-BookTina du Plessis verified customer review of Bonsai Beginners E-BookTina du Plessis verified customer review of Bonsai Beginners E-Book
    Bonsai Tree

    Awesome Tina, clearly you have "the touch!"

    Alastair R.
    South Africa South Africa
    Beginners E-Book

    So far it has been great. I had to do an emergency re-potting after one of my trees fell off its bench. Never having re-potted a tree this was a bit daunting but, with the help of the e-book and a few other"goodies" that I got from Terry the tree is in its new pot and doing well!!

    Harry C.
    South Africa South Africa
    Bonsai Beginners E-Book

    Book is great. As a beginner I found it easy to understand and continue to use it to refer to concepts explained as I grow in this exciting art.

    Johan R.
    South Africa
    Bonsai Beginners E-Book

    Good book for beginners. Answered all the question I had about my Bonsai. Clear explanations and easy to follow.

    Hannes L.
    South Africa
    Bonsai Beginners E-Book

    Very informative book. It helped me a lot as a newbie in the bonsai area.